Re: Looking for a person who uses both Jaws and NVDA?

Angelo Sonnesso

If you use numpad 2 be sure that the numlock is off.
I tend to use the laptop keyboard setting with NVDA.

Vicky are you getting the information from the NVDA help menu?

73 N2DYN Angelo

On 6/16/2019 3:20 PM, Vicky Vaughan wrote:
Hello List, I am using the latest Jaws and the latest NVDA on a
10 desk top computer.  I am a long-time user of Jaws, but I am trying
to learn NVDA, just to have an alternative.

I am reading from the official NVDA User’s Guide but finding that the
basic reading commands listed there are stated to be like Jaws, but
instead they are quite different.

For example, it states to use “Say All”, press the NVDA key, which is
the Num Pad Insert or Zero key, plus the Num Pad 2.

What I found worked to read my test Word document in a “Say All”
fashion With NVDA running was Tab plus the Triangle Down Arrow.

Reading by Word or Character also were supposed to be the same as they
are in Jaws, but I could not get that to work.  Instead I had to use
the Windows command of Control plus Right Arrow or Control plus Left

The NVDA stated command to exit NVDA “Insert Q” worked, that is it
brought up a dialog to exit.  However, that dialog states to exit use
“Alt plus D” and that did nothing.

I am not trying to knock NVDA, I want to learn it.  It’s just I am
beginning to wonder if there is something, I need to do with my
computer for it to work with the commands stated in its own user guide.

Sincerely, Vicky V



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