Re: What are the advantages of W10 over W7?

enes sarıbaş

yes according to microsoft.

On 11/17/2015 7:28 PM, Kimsan wrote:

After the first year, it’s a paid upgrade correct?


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advantages of windows 10 over 7
automatic maintenence: Does all maintenence tasks such as defrag, updates, .net optimisation, time synchronization  disk cleanup and more.  As a result, computer will slow down less.
runs alot faster.
Supports modern hardware
is a free upgrad
is more secure

On 11/17/2015 6:10 PM, Jim Rawls wrote:

Gene, great answer here. My computer is about six months old, so I guess I’ll upgrade, but I will wait awhile till FS can support the Edge browser, and I guess the operating system still  has bugs to work out, but it really doesn’t sound like any great shakes of an operating system, maybe a little better than 7, and much better than this 8.1 that I now have and don’t like. Smile. Jim


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Do you want to use or to play with Cortana?  I have no interest in playing with or using it.  Some people may write about features Windows 10 has that they like but I haven't heard of any that I care about except the enhanced recovery options Carlos mentioned.  I don't care enough about those to upgrade.  How old is your computer now?  One possible reason to upgrade is that support for Windows 7 will stop in 2020.  If your computer is rather new, that might be a reason to upgrade.  If your computer is three or four years old now, I wouldn't put much weight on that reason.  Your computer will be seven or eight years old in 2020 and who knows if, or how long it will continue to work at that time. 



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Subject: [TechTalk] What are the advantages of W10 over W7?


I ask this question sincerely, not to just take up space on the list? And let’s include W8.1 in the question as well. I still haven’t pulled the trigger on ten yet, and am wondering if it is really worth it. I know some of you have done this, and by now can give me a good objective answer. So please don’t write just  because. Smile. Jim


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