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Norma A. Boge

It's a much easier process to download right after purchasing the CD. But,
if you need to download from your music library, it's a little trickier but
it can be done. I don't want to give the steps from memory so watch this
space and I'll get accurate steps up soon. Or if anyone else wants to post
theirs, feel free...Norma

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I haven't done this in forever, but I do recall back in the day downloading
some mp3 purchases from Amazon via a downloader program of theirs. Again
though, this was years ago. So who knows if they've since discontinued it.

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Hi all,

I have some too, and I would love to download them, but can't figure out
how. Please post instructions here.

Ann P.

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Hi all,
If you can believe this, I have never downloaded any music from Amazon.
I have a few CD's that I have bought that apparently I can download as
well. I am using an old version of Firefox on an XP machine just to
let you all know right up front. I have found my purchased music but I
can not for the life of me figure out how to download the albums. If
someone can help me I'd really appreciate it. I have a couple of CD's
I'd like to get but they are only available as a download.
Kay Malmquist
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