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Kay Malmquist

I called the disability line and they had no idea if you can believe that.
I told her that I was using a screen reader and she had no idea what I meant
and kept telling me to look on the left side of the page and obviously
didn't have a clue.

Kay Malmquist
and Fuji


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If referring to digital titles purchased you navigate to your orders and
then digital orders find the order which contains the title you want and
below the order on the page should be a download element. I think it appears
as a button. It'll then generate a zip file of the title in question. As for
cd's that allow for the download of the title not sure how you access that
if it appears under digital orders as well but might be worth a look or a
call to Amazon disability phone number for clarification. I hope this helps.

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Hi all,

I have some too, and I would love to download them, but can't figure
out how. Please post instructions here.

Ann P.

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Hi all,
If you can believe this, I have never downloaded any music from Amazon. I
have a few CD's that I have bought that apparently I can download as well.
I am using an old version of Firefox on an XP machine just to let you all
know right up front. I have found my purchased music but I can not for the
life of me figure out how to download the albums. If someone can help me
I'd really appreciate it. I have a couple of CD's I'd like to get but they
are only available as a download.
Kay Malmquist
and Fuji
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