Re: How to download amazon music


Hello Kay,

(Laughing)  Yes, I had the same kind of Experience when calling the Help
Desk at Amazon.

Screen Reader?  What's that?

My questions were about the Kindle for PC APP, and they knew it existed,
but had no clue how it worked.

Now I DO expect those working the Help Desk geared towards those with
Disabilities, to know some of the answers, but they knew nothing in both
my calls to their Help Desk.

They couldn't help me with an Order either.  Told me to go back On Line
and look for something, and then Click on it.

<Sigh>  Like with Many things these days, all that counts is that what
ever is going on, look good on Paper.  So Amazon can say they are
Inclusive, and Diverse and all the other Politically Correct Baloney
that Business needs to  do when Jumping through all the Liberal Hoops
erected, But, it is amazing how much it all stays the same, or has
gotten more difficult.

A Cynical Viewpoint, for sure, but I have acquired it from experiencing
too many of Life's Ironies.   And in the End, about all you can do is
laugh about it, for  to not laugh about it, will cause you to weep.

Grumpy Dave

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