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Norma A. Boge

Were you signed into your Amazon account?

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I like your instructions, except that when I go to the page you wrote, I get

to an Amazon help page and there is no my music link. Therefore, the rest
of your instructions don't work.

Kay Malmquist
and Fuji

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How to download music from your amazon Music Library
Note: there are probably more than one ways to do this, and this isn't
always what I do, but this is easiest to follow, IMHO)

1. Go to

2. There are instructions here, you can use those or keep reading this
message. Enter on the "My Music" link.

3. This page is titled " Amazon Music Unlimited - Stream 50 million songs
online now." But, trust me, this is where you'll find your library.

4. There is a search box here where you can search on artist, album, song,
etc. As an example, I search on Judas Priest and hit enter.

5. I hit H for heading and land on "search results for Judas Priest."
Hitting H again and I land on "top results"

6. Now you can arrow down to links which include the artist and what albums
you have of theirs in your library. I hit enter on "Firepower" which I know
is a JP album.

7. Ok, go down until you find a check mark, each track of the album has one.
If you want to download the entire album, check the first track, it doesn't
matter what it is.

8. By checking one track, you can now find the "select all" button. If no
tracks are selected, this button doesn't appear. You have to search for the
text "select all" and hit that button.

9. Now, arrow down once and it will say something like "14 tracks" selected.
Now use the letter B to find the "download 14" button. Or you can continue
to arrow down, you'll land on it either way.

10. Hit enter on that download button. It may take a little time, but you
will eventually land on a page that offers you the Amazon music app for PC.
Keep going and hit enter on the link that says "No thanks, just download
music files directly."

11. If you get the authorize your device page, just hit the ok button. Now
you should see the download dialogue that is familiar. Hit the save

12. I'm using Firefox, so I now go to Tools, Download and Firepower is at
the top of the list. I open the album and soon I heard Rob Halford and the
boys hit me with some fine crushing metal.

13. If you're not using Firefox you'll have to find the file in your
downloads. It will be titled "Amazon Music" and give the date. You'll have
to unsip this file.

You're done! Please post if you have questions or run into problems. OMG I
hope this makes sense... <smile>

HTH Norma

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