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Jaffar Sidek

Hi.  Press Alt+L for languages.  Arrow down to the P submenu and press enter on it, then arrow down to "Python".  Also, do you have Python on your environment path?  You must also save your work as a .py file in this case as it is a Python program you are writing and running.  Cheers!

On 6/20/2019 5:52 PM, Dave wrote:

I have no idea of what I am asking but here goes-

After reading someone's post about Notepad, I thought I would give it a
try.  Especially since the latest version of JAWS is to read this
application better than older JAWS versions.

So, after installing it, I ran it and of course it is all very New to me.

I had read this Notepad edition was to come ready to write and run
Python code.

So, I wrote the very basic

print("Hello World!")

And then Pressed F5 which is to Run this Code.

Well it didn't run it, in fact, it didn't do much of anything.

So unless I am asking for some big long Instruction sheet to be written
and sent to me, if it is short and simple, would someone that is
familiar with Notepad Plus Plus be willing to write and post what it
takes to write and run the Python code typed into this application?

I was expecting the program to at least give me a chance to Save this
text to a file, but as mentioned before, after pressing F5, Notepad just
sat there doing nothing I could see.

I then went to Preferences, and attempted to set up a Default
Directory.   I TABBED around, but no place could I find a place to type
in a Default Directory.

So, if anyone can nudge me in the right direction, I would be quite
Thankful for the assistance.


Grumpy Dave

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