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If you have a smart phone, either an iPhone or an android phone, you should be able to set the phone to announce the phone number as it rings. You can also assign ringtones to your contacts.


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There is no way I can tell the phone number unless it goes to voice mail and leaves a message. Pam.

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If you get a phone call and you do not recognize the phone number, let it go to voicemail! Just because the phone rings, that does not mean you need to answer it. If they leave a voicemail and it sounds suspicious, it probably is suspicious!

Take every precaution and screening your phone calls! I did not know about call protect until someone mentioned it on this list a while ago. I downloaded the app. We will see how well it works. I do not currently get many spam calls, but I do get a few and T-Mobile seems to protect me from them. I always get a warning saying scam likely when those types of calls come in.

If you think the phone call was intended for someone else, leave it alone. I’m sure they will eventually call the person they intended to call if it is legitimate.

Just my thoughts,

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It's gotten to the point that if someone supposedly from a legitimate business asks a question that you would respond with a yes-type reply, even a simple one like "Can you hear me okay?" Say nothing and hang up. These thieves can use your recorded answer! Even better, like you said, don't even answer directly.

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