Re: Old black variable-speed GE cassette recorders from the 70s?


Are you looking for one of the GE Talking Book Players?  Or are you
looking for a normal Cassette Recorder/Player that happens to have a
variable Speed control?

If you are looking for a Player that has a variable Speed Knob, there
are several brands that made those.  But if you are looking for a Four
Track Player with the two Tape Speeds, then that's a slightly different

On Ebay, look for Cassette Player for the blind.  I have seen the older
players come up from time to time.  I think I've even seen one or two of
those older GE models.  Those where very good machines.

If you are looking for a normal Cassette player with the variable speed
control, then Superscope made a very nice one back in the day.  I think
Panasonic also made one.    And then of course, the GE one you
mentioned.  I think those were around in the late 1970's.  78?  79? 
76?  Some where in there.

Grumpy Dave

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