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heather albright

I make it a policy of not having any food or drink items by my computer, bad things happen no matter how carefull you are!  Also never put a desktop on carpet, if it needs to be on the floor, get a static free mat from wallmart to put down so the tower is not directly on the flor!  If you smoke, do not do it around your computer, it will suffer a painful deaf in it's short life spand!  Please do not put your tower in a inclosed space, it tends to not ventilate and it will make the fan runn more because of the heat!  Heather

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You know what? I'm leaving them alone period, even if it doesn't work. I got
this one for $14.99 at Office Max, so that is what I'd do before I'd think
of trying to take it apart and clean it. Now if my husband wanted to take
that on, I'd say go for it, but as for me, I'm not tearing into a keyboard.


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I'll modify what I said in my first message and change my opinion somewhat.
I don't know enough about fans to know what maintenance regarding them may
be advisable.  I would think it would depend in part on the environment the
computer is in.  Is the computer on the floor or on a table?  Is the floor
or table clean?  Is it near a window that is often opened or not?  While
certain considerations of the sort might apply to keyboareds, such as are
they near an open window often, and I may have overlooked such
considerations in my answer, my view is that it's probably better not to
clean a keyboard internally unless it starts exhibiting behavior indicating
it is a good idea.  Fans and free ventalation of the computer may be another
Also, to further refine and alter my last message, it might depend on
whether someone has had experience cleaning keyboards internally.  I doubt
that most users have any experience of doing so and so I say, leave the
keyboard alone internally if it works. 
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Trust me, I'm guilty of it myself. I try to fix things, but yeah. If it's an
expert problem, I need an expert to fix it. And cleaning the pc may have
made my old Dell last me longer, but dedusting fans to me sounded like a
pain in the butt.

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On 9/1/2015 8:23 PM, Blaster wrote:
> I totally agree. However many people don't take care of anything in
> our disposable culture so it's not surprising to see people
> mistreating there pc's. I've witnessed people pounding keys out of
> grustration as I posted earlier. They don't look at problems as
> puzzles that can be solved, they take it personally, Like it's an
> attack on their intelect. Raised voices, raised blood pressure
> followed by humiliating defeat.
> By the time they swallow their pride and ask for help their at their
> wits end.
> It's really something,
> Blaster

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