Re: I am having a senior moment. how do I send a word document by email?

Angelo Sonnesso

If you want to send the document in word, there is a send option under file.
If you want to send it using windows explorer press shift plus F10 arrow
down to send, press right arrow press "M".
Then when you press alt plus tab you will find an open message waiting for
you to enter the email recipient's address.

73 N2DYN Angelo

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Hi all,

Olusegun, you got it mostly right, and this will probably work, but when
the file is found in Windows Explorer, you press ctrl-c to copy it, and
after you write your message, you hit ctrl-v to paste the file into the

Ann P.

P.S., I'm no guru, just a long-time computer user.

Ann P.

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Jim, perhaps keep it simple;sorry sir, I can't really answer your
Here's what you could do:
Save the document as a Word document. Then, launch Documents, find
the saved document, copy it to the clipboard.
Launch the mail app, type the desired E-mail address in the "TO"
Field, add a subject header if desired, then maybe type a short
something in the body of the message, press Ctrl+C and the document on
the Clipboard will be attached, then press the Send button.
Hopefully I didn't make things too complicated; but now I can sit back
and let the gurus set me straight for screwing up, <LOL!>
Denver, Colorado

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