Re: Help Needed Please, can't see anything on my Dell E5400A19 laptop display,


Ok will give this a try.
Thanks for the info.
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On 6/24/19, Blaster <> wrote:
I remember reading on a forum a few years ago about someone with a
similar issue using a dell laptop. This person reported that when a
computer moniter was plugged into the laptop, everything worked fine,
however, the actual laptop screen was dead. They used this laptop with
an external monitor until they sent it off to a dell repair center.
They ended up having to replace the whole screen. Anyway, you could
try to plug in an external monitor if you have one on your laptop to
see if this works for you. It's not a great solution, but if it works
you could at least retrieve all of your data and software settings and


On 6/24/19, Gene <> wrote:
This sounds like a hardware problem. I don't think it can be resolved
except by a technician. I don't know enough about such problems to know
the cost would be worth it. As I said in a previous message, if you boot
the machine, and see nothing while the machine is booting up, before
is loaded, and that is true when you shine a bright light on the screen
as a Flashlight, it sounds as though something has failed in the

If that is the case and you want to verify my diagnosis, I'm not a tech
I don't have enough knowledge to do more than make a reasonable guess,
can ask about it on the site:
You would have to join the appropriate forum to ask about this problem.

I'm trying to guard against you spending time and money on something that
may not be worth repairing.
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Good morning Tech support listers .
I Wrote earlier about a problem I'm having with my Dell E5400A19
laptop computer.
I'm running Windows 7 32 bits.
Just recently my daughter informed me that she is not able to see
anything at all on my screen.
What to do if anything to solve this issue.
Thank you to anyone that can help.

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