Re: android accessibility


does it have any mailing list for my subject line?
Yes, there is a couple that I ever recommend in topicsĀ  like this one.
The first is the Eyes Free list. This was supposed to be the official list for all things related to Android and Google Accessibility, although every now and then topics that aren't in fact off topic are being flagged as this. Go figure...
Not to mention that things there can get a bit hard sometimes with folks discussing whether Apple is better than Google etc etc.
Anyway, should you want to join, send a blank email to eyes-free+subscribe@...

Now, if you want a list to talk freely (that is, without moderation) about Android, with the plus of plenty of friendly folks, then you should give ANTAD a go. Nowadays when it comes to Android this is the best list I've ever seen.
All kinds of discussion happens there as well, only that it's always in a very polite way and there's no disrespectful messages if you don't agree with something.
So, should you want to join, send a blank email to antad+subscribe@...

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