Re: recomendation for a smart speaker

Donald L. Roberts

In my opinion, the Google home mini as far superior to the Echo, and I own both. The Echo can play various music services and has lots of games, many of which are rather silly.  Conversely, if you want substantive information about almost anything, the Google is a better choice.  My wife asks Google questions about things ranging from gardening and plant information to information about historical figures.  The bottom line is that the choice is contingent on what you want to do with the device.

Don Roberts

On 6/25/2019 8:40 PM, heather albright wrote:

Well, the google mini is 49 and the echo  3rd dot is 29. They do just about the same. So the echo is cheaper than the google for now! And the echo has several alarms and you can change the name of the speaker, echo, alexa, amazon and computer!Also the echo list is way more active than the google list; that should tell you something! Cheers Heather


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From: Loy
Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2019 8:15 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] recomendation for a smart speaker


I know almost nothing about smart speakers like Alexa. Thought I would see if this would be something to replace a dead clock radio. I won't be controlling appliances or lights, just music and alarms. Could someone recommend one for me.


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