Re: Spam and nuisance calls.

Robin Frost

I didn't use that service with Comcast but did try it on my iPhone and the call forwarding thing was what caused me hesitation. I just didn't like having to have a middle man approach if you will in order to block spam calls as what happens if something breaks down in the process of forwarding the call to them for monitoring and then having it ring through to you should it be deemed worthy to do so. On my iPhone I went with another app which didn't require calls to be forwarded to be monitored and as it pertains to my Comcast home line I'll just wait for their shaken and stirred protocol to role out. I figure it's like monitoring for spam I'd rather weed it out myself than have a spam filter capture something I actually want in its over zealousness. Just my two cents no one asked for on the topic. I wish all good luck with whatever modality you employ.
Take good care.

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Hi Curtis:

I went to sign up for no more robo, but after setting it up, I had to go to
the Comcast website and sign in, then go to voice, then settings and then
advanced call forwarding.

The Comcast site is almost totally inaccessible. Will have to wait for
sighted help.

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