Re: plextalk pocket question

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Melissa wrote:

"Our password for our WIFI network has an exclamation mark in it. However,
we can't seem to find the exclamation mark on the numeric keypad. Can
someone help please?"

The Number1 key should generate the exclamation mark. However, since you're
using a keypad, you will have to press it rapidly in quick successions and
listen closely 'cause it's easy to miss. I don't recall if the PlexTalk
Pocket has a punctuation mode that needs to be invoked. If it does, please
consider invoking it and then press the number1 key thereafter.

I hope the foregoing is reasonably helpful, but I'd like others to please
set me straight in case I missed a line or two.

Denver, Colorado

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