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Kay Malmquist

Well, I've got one that I'm using right now as I speak.  What I first did was pick a lot of the crumbling rubber crud off of it with my fingernails.  Then I took a paper towel and put a bit of alcohol on it.  Not enough to soak it to the point that you could squeeze it and some would come back off of it, but enough that it was wet enough to do the job.  You don't want alcohol inside the machine.  Just to be on the safe side, I turned the machine upside down and cleaned the keys from the bottom.  That way I would be less appt to get any alcohol in to the inner workings.  I cleaned the keys and the sides and anywhere there was rubber gunk.  You could use something like Goo-Gone, but I was worried about that being more harmful so didn't use it.  Hope this helps you. 
Kay Malmquist
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Anyone know a safe way to clean the stickiness from an old Victor First Generation?  This seems to be a common problem with these units as they age.  I want to eliminate the stickiness without causing too much damage to the rubber-like surface underneath the keys.  Thanks in advance.


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