Re: audio book volume

Monte Single

Hi Brian,


The need  to increase the volume of a book is quite rare;  not enough to warrant the purchase  of new software.

It only happens with daisy audio from CELA.

The next time it happens I’ll send a note to their help desk.

With the on-going problems on the new CELA  website,  a timely response to such a request may take some time indeed.





From: [] On Behalf Of Brian K. Lingard
Sent: July-07-19 1:15 AM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] audio book volume


Dear Monte & list:

You could normalize the audio files with Goldwave sound Editor or Total Recorder with the AGC add-on.  The AGC add-on is a bit expensive.


This lets you boost the average audio level of the sound files.

Brian K. Lingard


From: [] On Behalf of Monte Single
Sent: Friday, May 31,

2019 7:28 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] audio book volume


Hi TechTalkers,


               CELA is the Canadian Equitable Library Association.

It is for canucks with print disabilities.

Sometimes when I download talking books in daisy format the volume is a bit low even when I set the volume on my victor reader 2nd gen to high. 

I don’t want to attach speakers or use earphones.

Is there a program I can use to change some aspect of the book file/s to make them louder?



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