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Walter Ramage

Hi. This is perfectly normal. However when you are in any particular folder then go to your view menu and arrow down to list view and then press the enter key, it will then present it to you in the way you prefer. Walter.

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Hi, All:

I got a year's personal unlimited subscription to OpenDrive the other
day and things are not going well and I could really use some help with
the service.

I signed up before downloading and installing the desktop application.
For now, I just want to back up some important files and not have them

I saved a couple Word 2010 test documents on my Win 7 computer and
uploaded them to Documents in OverDrive. When I open the Test folder,
the 2 documents are there, but it looks like I have to right arrow to go
to the second one instead of down arrowing as I would in a folder list
on the computer. Is this something different with OpenDrive or did I
change some setting I shouldn't have?

Also, I'm having a problem logging out of the desktop application. The
only place I can find a log out option is on some screen where JAWS says
level 2 and I hit the applications key on the keyboard and hit enter on
the item. The User Guide says "The right click menu helps you to log
into and log out of the Drive application, displays space usage and the
state of the Sync and Backup Manager, and
allows you to check for new updates." It seems to be under Properties
and Settings. Is there an easy way of logging out? I have to fumble
around until I find a screen where JAWS says level 2 and I haven't seen
anything in the User Guide that says anything about levels. I did see
an item in the desktop application menu about going forward a level,
that I thought would get me to level two but log out wasn't listed when
I hit the application key.

There's another place in the User Guide that refers to right click menu.
Do they mean the applications key on the keyboard?

Any help using OpenDrive would be greatly appreciated since I'm quite


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