Re: set top boxes again.

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Billy, not all Android toys come with Talkback preinstalled. Newer
incarnations of Samsung toys, for example, DO NOT COME with Talkback
preinstalled. Why? Because there's the VoiceAssistant.

However, it's pretty easy to install Talkback from the Play Store; Talkback
is now part of Android Accessibility Suite.

Since you already have your set top box, proceed to the Play Store and
install the required app.

Sorry, I don't have a set top box; I listen to radio solely on my Android
toys; I presently don't do much with tv, but, should that change for me, I
will find any number of apps that will enable me watch tv on my Android
toys. And, yes, if necessary, I'll subscribe to the likes of YouTube Tv,
DirectTv or whatever else I can find. Ok, my toys are primarily my phone(s)
and tablet(s).

Denver, Colorado

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