Re: set top boxes again.

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Billy, please forgive me! I keep thinking of a set top box as a tv set.
Shame on me for misreading that.

There are so many set top boxes out there running on Android; Xiaomi,
SkyStream and JetStream are three that come to mind. I don't have or want a
tv right now 'cause I can gain access to what I need on my mobile Android
toys; but if my mind does change, I'll just purchase a tv set that runs on
Android and leave the set top box out of the equation.

All that aside, I really feel that your question is best addressed on an
Android list where there maybe folks with set top boxes. Of all such lists
out there, the only one I can recommend is Antad; to subscribe, send a blank
message to:


It's a fairly high traffic list, no holes barred, no moderation, but packed
full of talents from around the world.

Denver, Colorado

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