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Keith S


I am posting this "information request" for my wife, who is not blind, though I am. The subject is technology related, as the group owner told me in a private messege I had sent, and therefore, the group owner has allowed me to ask the question on this list. If you have any information pertaining to this subject (URLs, companies, etc, you can post them to the list or send them to me privately at:


With all that said, here is my question:

My wife has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It is a neurological disease which causes the nerves in the body to become

de-insulated. This causes nerve signals to "misfire" and can cause lack of motor function, lack of fine motor skills, problems or an inability to walk, fatigue, vision problems, speech issues, cognitive or thought issues and/or difficulties, etc. She is on a medication to hopefully curb the increase in symptoms or the progression of the disease, but we will see. My father died due to complications of the same disease and my sister has the sub-type my wife has as well.

Keeping the body's temperature "cool" and reducing stress are very important to a person with MS. We do not go out in the heat (we live in southern Illinois in the USA) where the average summer temperature can be about 20 degrees F higher than it is nearer to Chicago in the north portion of the state.

She is dilligently scouring Facebook groups, online information sites and following and keeping track of MS associations and groups here in the USA and in other countries.

Now, here is where I may be going off kilter a bit, but I am wondering if a device which I will describe below exists:

I used to be an avid "battletech" follower. It is a science fiction role-playing game, novel series, and video game series. The premise of the game/novels/video games is that a human driver or pilot (also called a Mechwarrior) sits and pilots a gigantic human shaped robot, powered by a fusion reactor. Everything the robot, or Mech, as they are called in game) does, causes heat to build up. If too much heat is generated, the Mech will either shut down or it has a chance to explode. Moving, jumping, firing weapons, etc causes a Mech to built up heat. I had the thought that the same occurs in a human being, whether that person has MS or not. That is why we sweat when we get hot. It is the way the human body reduces heat and cools itself.

My wife told me that road workers, and other occupations dealing in hot sunny weather sometimes wear vests which have a series of pockets that flexible ice packs or cooling packs that can be put in the ice box or freezer to recool, are standard issue.

In the Battletech world, the Mechwarriors wear "cooling vests". The difference between the ones worn by the Mechwarriors and the road workers is that the Mechwarriors's vests have a cooling gel that is hooked up to the power supply inside the mech and the gel is then cooled by the vehicle's cooling system. The vest is typically described, in photos in text descriptions, as covering the shoulders, the back the front and the flanks of the wearer. The cooling gel inside these vests keep the Mechwarriors from literally cooking to death inside the Mech.

I am wondering if anyone has seen or heard of such a device in the modern world. Of course, it would either have to be a vest similar to the ones worn by road workers but the whole vest could be put in the freezer to cool, but not be so bulky that it would look like you are the Stay puff marshmallow man from the Ghostbusters movies.

Or, some sort of battery opperated or battery charged device that would have a generator or device on it that could cool the gel inside the vest.

My wife has fallen several times (at work, home, and in public places such as the store, at her nephew's baseball games, etc). Not due to being feint, she was fully conscious but rather because the nerves in her body got over heated and she was not able to stay upright. Me, being a blind person, could only call for help and accompany my wife and the paramedics to the hospital in the ambulance (as I cannot drive).

If anyone knows of other cooling devices that we could look at or possibly try, I would be greatly and totally appreciative of your knowledge.

Thank You,

Keith Steinbach

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