email lists for discussing old access technology?

Josh Kennedy


Are there any active email lists for discussing old access technology? As in access technology in computers from say, 2005 on back to 1970 or 1960 or so? I’d like to find a list where decTalk, softVoice tts, windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, the early xp days, asap screen reader for dos, etcetera, can be discussed. This includes old synthesizers such as accent, appollo2, doubletalk, multiVoice, text-assist, decTalk and its various speak windows applications which I did get working with jaws in windows10, and more. To use the decTalk speak windows you have to turn on the jaws legacy accessibility drivers in your default jaws configuration under miscellaneous in the jaws settings center. Then the speak windows work and you can click the different graphics with the jaws cursor. I wish jaws would add drivers for:

softVoice tts, bring back decTalk access32, and add a sam driver and would support the old orpheus2 synthesizer which NVDA currently supports through an addon.





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