jaws and NVDA with decTalk access32

Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...>


I see decTalk supports, its one of the very few synthesizers that supports generating all kinds of tones and stuff. So if we ever got it working with jaws, it would be cool to take advantage of decTalk’s tone features for example… decTalk tones could let you know where the mouse is on the screen, whether an error has occurred, and you could even use tones and different touch tones to let you know about checkboxes and the state of various buttons and things as you navigate windows. Eloquence and the modern synthesizers don’t have all the interesting capabilities decTalk has, or it seems like it doesn’t anyway. Oh and I also read that the decTalk express worked with keysoft version 2.4 for windows 3.1 and windows95. I wonder what sort of tones and things keysoft had the decTalk generate? Also, is there a way to extract the decTalk dll from the best speak window ever, the version 4.3 of decTalk in order to use it as a tts for NVDA or jaws 2019?





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