Re: email lists for discussing old access technology?



Your post sure brought back a few memories.

I started taking Computer Classes in the late 1970's, and at that time,
Radio Shack had just released their Model 1 Home Computer. Nothing
Talked yet, but I was eagerly awaiting such a thing to be invented.

had to wait until the early 1980's before someone made a basic screen
reader for the Radio Shack Model 3 and 4 systems.  TRSDOS anyone
remember that?   Ha ha!

Crude and Limited by today's standards but those early Systems really
opened some doors for me, and still do today.

All of those Synthesizers, Drivers and all the Headaches getting them to
work, also brings back a few memories.

Those voices of the old Echo GP, very Robotic, but once you acquired an
Ear for how it spoke, it became my favorite until I managed to purchase
a real Deal Deck Talk Card.

In some ways, I still Miss using MS Dos.  Programs were smaller, but
better written, as those programs had limited resources to use while

And then along came MS Windows 3.1.   Life has never been quite the same

I do recall a program that was actually better than MS Windows. It was
called Geo-Works.  And it too allow the operation of more than one
program at the same time.   it was much faster, and a lot less intrusive.

But, Microsoft had the Market Share for MS Dos, and who ever produced
Geo-Works never had a chance.

Since then Computers have gotten a lot faster, and the operating Systems
are a lot more Complicated.   But, many of the tasks and concepts are
still the same as they were back in the good ol' days of DOS.  But the
tasks have changed names several times and how to do those tasks have
also changed several times too.

Seems there is always the need to relearn what you once thought you
knew, but to keep up with the latest stuff, you again need to Re-learn
the same stuff but now its different!

And if I didn't have the use of a Computer, I don't know what I would
do.  So much of my daily life is spent sitting in front of a System
doing work, and then recreation after work.

Computers, hate them of Love them, but today it's hard to be without one.

Grumpy Dave

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