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Michael Mote

Hi Jerald. Unfortunately, this is not an accessibility issue then. JAWS would read the results of the search box, if there were something there to read. This is a Windows issue. Best wishes on getting it resolved. I am sure it is frustrating.

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This problem has nothing to do with JAWS.?? The June Security Update to Windows 10 1809 broke the start menu search box, plain and simple.?? How do I know??? Because my techie friend accessed my computer remotely using Team Viewer and confirmed that there were no search results when I typed a search phrase into the search box. And I don't get any search results if I use Narrator or NVDA, either.


On 7/15/2019 10:26 AM, Michael Mote wrote:
Hi Jerald. I have seen the Windows 10 and search issue before, and actually, it may be due to JAWS. In some cases, we have had to uninstall JAWS and reinstall it, in order to correct the search box issue. This happens particularly on systems where Windows 7 was updated to Windows 10.
You may consider this as an option. Perhaps, a repair of JAWS would fix it as well.

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Ann, nobody gives a flying bleep about blind computer users. Sorry to hear that Drop Box screwed you over.?? Last week Windows Update screwed me over by breaking the search box on my Windows 10 start menu.?? Does MS care??? Of course not.?? That's just the way it is, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. My techie friend is visiting me today to try to fix it, but if he can't, screw MS. I'll just install Classic Shell or some other third-party program to restore a working search box.?? MS management is so incompetent and arrogant that they release updates before they have been thoroughly tested for bugs.?? Windows 10 Feature Update 1903 is such a mess that MS is now preventing some computers from installing it to avoid potential problems.


On 7/15/2019 9:02 AM, Ann Parsons wrote:
Morning all,

I use DropBox to save my files.?? I have important files in there
like my students' files.

Warning!?? Warning!! Warning!! DropBox is now touting a new and
improved desktop app that is supposed to make it possible to sync
your stuff with all the crap that's out there like google drive and
one drive and icloud and so on and on.?? The interface is a bunch of
buttons that don't work.?? I have tried on win7 and win10.?? It says
that I'm supposed to be seeing a list, but I'm not seeing one.?? I
can't access my folders.

I just sent a blistering message to DropBox, and they probably won't
answer me because right now I'm extremely emotional about this.?? I'm
being paid to tutor students, and I can't do that if I can't access
their folders and the info I need.?? I hope somebody who has some
clout can jump on these people and do considerable damage to them.??
If they have a new interface, then it's got to be accessible, and
right now it isn't.?? I'm so mad I could jump up and down on my roof
and scream!?? I don't suppose anyone can help me?

Ann P.

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