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Anne.  Go to your c:\user\name,, Anne or Parsons if you name your pc thus, and navigate to your dropbox folder.  Your files should all be there.  Cheers!

On 7/15/2019 9:02 PM, Ann Parsons wrote:
Morning all,

I use DropBox to save my files.  I have important files in there like my students' files.

Warning!  Warning!! Warning!! DropBox is now touting a new and improved desktop app that is supposed to make it possible to sync your stuff with all the crap that's out there like google drive and one drive and icloud and so on and on.  The interface is a bunch of buttons that don't work.  I have tried on win7 and win10.  It says that I'm supposed to be seeing a list, but I'm not seeing one.  I can't access my folders.

I just sent a blistering message to DropBox, and they probably won't answer me because right now I'm extremely emotional about this.  I'm being paid to tutor students, and I can't do that if I can't access their folders and the info I need.  I hope somebody who has some clout can jump on these people and do considerable damage to them.  If they have a new interface, then it's got to be accessible, and right now it isn't.  I'm so mad I could jump up and down on my roof and scream!  I don't suppose anyone can help me?

Ann P.
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