My thoughts of the Technological World and its users with disabilities

Sharon Hooley


I have a couple of thoughts about apps and websites that have become inaccessible or difficult to use when developers try to "improve" things. While I agree that some, if not most, of these companies don't care about people like us, I also believe that if all of us think we can't change that, then it's a given that it won't change. It takes pro-activeness to improve things and help attitudes change over time, even if we don't see it till a future generation takes their place. If it weren't for just a few people who, for example, stood up for civil rights, we might not be where we are today. They didn't accept that "somebody" should do it. I admit that I'm not very interested in advocacy at this point, but that's something even I need to remind myself of.

Another thing I wish is that we would build our own apps and websites that we can use to do the same things we want to do, or used to be able to do. I think of apps like Edsharp text editor and Pdf-to-Txt, developed by Jamal Mazurie, and others by Justin Dobinmeyer. I'm not sure if I spelled their names just right.

My $2,000,000 worth, (smiley)


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