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Jim Wohlgamuth

Hi there!

I find I have more luck using it with Narrator.  Give that a try and see how it works.  Good Luck and Have A Good 1! de

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On 17-Jul-19 09:39, David Mehler wrote:

Thanks for your explanation. Unfortunately I didn't follow any of it.

IMO this app is becoming less accessible with each new version, I'm
using jfw 2018 and NVDA 2019, are there alternatives?

IMO again and with frustration, this shouldn't be this hard and didn't
use to be.


On 7/16/19, Mike B <mb69mach1@...> wrote:

Running J16 thru 2019.  When you open CCleaner tab 1 time to, Custom or
Custom clean, and press the spacebar.  Jaws won't read the box as being
checked, but it is checked.  If this doesn't work for you, here are other
steps that'll get you by.

Below are some steps I typed up for navigating the newer versions of
CCleaner with JAWS.  Since CCleaner and JAWS works fine with the, Windows
tab, scan then the navigation starts getting weird, the steps below start
after scanning the Windows tab.
Note:  These may not be exact but, are very close and should get you by.
1. After you run a scan of the Windows tab, you can use your finger
gymnastics in 2 ways to scan the Applications tab.
A. After the Windows tab scan is finished tab until you come to the Windows

tab again, now switch to the, Touch cursor, Shift + Numpad Plus, now right
arrow and then left arrow to highlight the Apllication tab and press enter
to select it.  Turn off the Touch cursor by tapping the Numpad Plus key
quickly.  Press, Alt + R, to start the scan.
B. After the Windows tab scan is finished switch to the Touch cursor, left
arrow several times to the Applications tab and press enter to select.
turn the Touch cursor off and press, Alt + R, to scan.
Note: The Touch  cursor is mostly used to navigate after the Windows tab
2. If you are scanning the Registry, after the Applications scan is
completed press, Alt + G, to start the scan of the registry.
3. After the registry scan is completed, Shift + Tab to the list of found
items, pay attention to how many items were found, you can arrow up & down
list to uncheck any items you don't want removed or press, Control + A, to
select all, tab to the delete selected items, or whatever it's called, and
enter to start the cleaning.  You will get a dialogue asking if you wannt to

save a copy of the registry before the cleaning so press, Alt + Y, to save,
press the spacebar on the confirmation dialogue now the registry cleaning
process starts and it only takes a second or so.  After the cleaning is
now, if you route the Jaws cursor to the PC cursor you can arrow up 1 time
to hear how many items wer found and how many were cleaned.  For example,
20 items were found but, you unchecked 5 of them you should hear, 15 / 20,
meaning 15 of the 20 items were cleaned.  If you slected them all you
hear, 20 / 20, meaning 20 of 20 items were cleaned.
Note: The copy of the saved registry file should be in your Documents
folder.  This is a copy of the registry before it's cleaned so, if there's a

after the cleaning you can restore your registry with this saved file.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
If at first you DO succeed, try not to look astonished!
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Where is the custom checkbox? I am trying to get the checkbox to read
and still not getting any luck? What jaws version are you using?


On 7/16/19, Mike B <mb69mach1@...> wrote:
Hi Dave,
Spacebar the, Custom checkbox to make navigating easier and press the
spacebar on one of the items you want to change.  When you press the
spacebar Jaws reports whether you checked or unchecked the item, so pay
close attention.  It's tedeous, but doable.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
If at first you DO succeed, try not to look astonished!
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Trying to use ccleaner it's v5.60 I believe and IMO accessibility has
really gone downhill. How are people using it to clean their machines?
I am wanting to individually select items in the list of items to be
cleaned, but there is no indication of whether they're selected or

Suggestions welcome.

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