how to unlock android's secrets

Joe Giovanelli

Good Morning Everybody,

I'm Joe, and the subject says it, more or less. I am trying to set up a new Alexa Dot. The app is on my Alcatel Android phone. My problem is that I just do not really know how to use it.

When I examine the screen, sometimes I find nothing, even though it is unlocked. I can move about and hear little noises from the phone but don't hear items.

Once I do hear information, it appears in more than one place on the screen.

Let's say that I want to find where to talk to Google. It seems to be near the top, on the right edge, but sometimes it doesn't show up. How can I obtain better consistency?

When I'm told to "double tap," the app doesn't always open. Do I have to really hit the screen harde? How fast should I tap?

I sometimes find the menu I need to work in, but I won't find all the choices.

How do I place my finger or fingers on the screen? Do I slide a finger to find an icon? Do I keep off the screen and put the finger down when I'm where I need to be?

My phone is inexpensive. Do morfe expensive equipment work more consistently than what I have tried to describe?

Are there other things I should know than what I have mentioned?

I thank you for your thoughts. I know I've asked a lot, but it's the only way I can think of to make it possible for me to use my device.

Joe Giovanelli, W2PVY

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