Re: lists to buy sell trade

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Sis Carrie, you're going to need to update the info on your website fast and
furious. Here's why:

1. BST is dead; it has been replaced with BlindAds but still on

There will be some element of confusion with this one no doubt. Before
BlindAds, there was (and still is) BlindAd on It may be
argued that the addition of the letter "s" to one is sufficient
differentiation. May be so, but Freedom Scientific succeeded in KILLING
FREEDOM BOX! I'm not suggesting this will happen in the case of the two
lists discussed here; more than likely, both list owners/moderators will
figure things out.

2. The RoyalPost is about to go under. It will die on July 28. In that
light, you may want to consider pulling it from your list. It's possible
the owners/moderators of the RoyalPost may find someone else to take over
its operations, but until there's a new announcement to that effect, no need
for a postmortem consideration!

Denver, Colorado

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