Re: Notifications Window Really Getting Annoying

Steve Matzura

Thank you. Ver'r'r'ry useful info.

On 7/27/2019 12:32 PM, George McCoy wrote:
Open settings with windows key plus i.
Tab once.  System should be highlighted.  If not, arrow to it. When system is highlighted, press spacebar.
Tab once to the list of system settings.
Down arrow twice to notifications and actions and press spacebar.
Tab 5 times to a toggle button labeled show me the windows welcome experience after updates and occasionally when I sign in.
If the button says pressed, press spacebar to unpress it.
Tab once to a toggle button labeled get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use windows.  If it says pressed, press spacebar to unpress it.
tab once to a toggle button labeled get notifications from apps and other senders.  It is probably pressed.  Leave it alone for now.
Press tab again.  You will be in a group called Get Notifications From These Senders.
You can tab through the list of senders.  Each sender has two buttons; a regular one and a toggle button.
Toggle them to not pressed one at a time until you isolate the culprit.


On 7/26/2019 12:47 PM, Steve Matzura wrote:
Firstly, the Actions Center is absolutely bereft of anything except the normal two buttons--Tablet Mode and Expand Quick Actions. Secondly, if I  knew which application is doing this, I'd turn it off, but there's no such setting that I can find with which to do it.

P.S.: I was wrong about NVDA suffering from the same annoying problem. It does not.

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