Re: accessible internet radio recording software?

goshawk on horseback

any chance of a link please?


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Try Virtual recorder.

73 N2DYN Angelo

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maybe Total Recorder? However, I do not use that software. I've gotten
used to using Gold Wave for about everything I do with Audio, including
recording stuff from On Line.

Gold Wave will record what ever is getting played through your Sound Card,
which for me, is good enough.

Gold Wave can be set up to start recording at a given time, and then shut
off at another time. However, the software you used to connect to the
Radio Station would still need to be running in the back ground.

I have recorded long Sporting Events that ran over 4 hours and Gold Wave
worked great.

Gold Wave isn't for everyone, as there may be some Free Ware out there, and
sorry, can't help you there. I think even Total Recorder needs to be

You might take a look on the list of Software and Utilities that this List
sends out on the First of every Month. If memory serves me right, there are
several recorder choices listed in that list of helpful software. And the
1st. of August is only a couple days away.

Hope you find something that works for you. And until you find something,
Gold Wave will allow you to use their Software for a Free Trial period,
before it shuts down and you need to purchase a copy of your own.

Good Hunting,


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