Re: accessible internet radio recording software?

goshawk on horseback

that's just it, I do want to record things when I will not be there to start and stop them, from different stations.

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You don’t need to worry about a timer unless you are going to record different stations without you being home to start the station playing.  I don’t use a timer.  If I’m going to be out, I start recording when I leave, then I edit the file when I stop recording to remove the material before and after the program being recorded.
If you tell us more details about what you are going to do, record more than one station at different times when you are out, or record one station when you are out and the next recording will be made when you are there to start recording the desired station, you might get better help.
There are Internet radio recording programs but you may do just as wwell recording what you play through your browser or however you play the stations with a recording program.

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