Re: switching to iPhone

Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...>

Even with a pretty powerful xiaomi android flagship phone, I noticed even when using eloquence that talkback lags. I want to use braille with android. But to be honest braille on android is an absolute mess! The command structure makes no sense at all, its just a mess. I looked at braille on iPhone and it behaves much more like what you get on the traditional notetaker like a brailleNote or braille n speak. And I have been doing some reading and several people on the internet told me voiceover responds much faster than talkback does. I'll just be getting an iPhone7 from apple. I don't need the newest phone, plus iPhone7 will get IOS updates for several years to come, yet. So I think a 32gig iPhone7 for $450 will work just fine. I need an unlocked one because I will be using it with tracFone. 

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