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I'm not sure if I would understand the technical definition of microphone sensativity if I looked at it slowly and carefully.  I may not have enough technical background.  I looked it up and I didn't understand what I read.  But, if it is reasonable to think of it more or less analogically to a radio, a radio that is more sensative can pick up more distant stations and there is no relation that I know of between sensativity and the strength of the signal that is fed into the amplifier by the receiving part of the radio. 
I don't know if there are any adjustments for microphone sensativity.  I've never seen one.  And in daily use, when I've heard people talk about a microphone being sensative, it means it can pick up more distant sources more clearly and loudly at a proper volume level than a less sensative microphone would.  In other words, you can set the volume of an insensative microphone so it picks up you speaking well two inches away from your mouth.  At a distance of ten feet, a more sensative microphone, set to the correct volume, so that the level of someone speaking two inches away is correct, will pick up a sound better than a less sensative microphone with the identical sound at the same distance, identical in volume, frequency    , all ways.  That is my laymen's understanding and explanation.  others may have more technical knowledge and may give a technical definition. 
Of course, some microphones have higher outputs than others, but you change the volume of the device you are using to record.  I've never heard of adjusting the characteristics of a microphone such as sensativity. 
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Sensativity is how well a microphone picks up soft or more distant sounds. If anyone knows how to adjust the actual recording volume, that may well solve the problem.
I agree in part with you.
Sensitivity can be responsible for such distortions as well, specially if it is too high and the person is recording from a close point to the microphone.
I'd say then that it's important to reach a balance between volume and sensitivity.
Sensitivity can distort a record as much as the volume if one of them isn't set up correctly.

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