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Leedy Diane Bomar

I get as much storage as I possibly can on my iPhone. Actually I have an iPhone 7 with 256. I fill it up with bard books and podcasts primarily

 Diane Bomar

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I have one more question. My android phone is a 64gb storage phone. I am only using about 21.5gb out of the 64gb storage. I could cut that down if I deleted some vocalizer voices though. My question though, is this. In general, how expensive of IOS devices iPhones, iPads, iPod touch, and so on, do people on this list purchase? On my android phone I have eloquence, be my eyes, vocalizer voices, envision AI, Netflix and 3 or 4 other streaming apps including xfinity for my tv, 2 or 3 radio streaming apps. Some aps I need because the native ones are not accessible such as I have 2 or 3 camera apps. Every now and then I take video but my photos and videos do not stay on the phone. They go onto facebook or youtube and then get deleted off the phone. I don’t fill up my phone with unneeded stuff but yet when I go somewhere like vacation I like to take some movies and tv shows with me, then when done delete them off the phone. So, do you guys mostly buy 32gb or 64gb iPhones? I cannot really think of a case where a huge 256gb phone for me? Well I would never fill that up. And come to think of it, a 128gb iPhone I would never fill up either. I try to stream whenever possible. The iPhone7 seems most economical the 32gb one for $450. Or do most visually-impaired folks opt for the most storage?





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