Re: switching to iPhone or I-O-S-devices

Josh Kennedy

I found out I can bluetooth tether I-O-S devices to android and use a bluetooth hotspot. So therefore because I like both platforms because each has their advantages, I think I'll save money and get an iPod touch with 128gb of storage. And when I need data I'll bluetooth the iPod touch to the android phone and have the iPod touch borrow its data. I'll get the iPod touch 7th generation with the a10 fusion chip. But I do have a question, yes another one. If in the future I get an iPad, does the iPad's 8mp camera have a flash? Apple says you can scan documents with iPad so I am hoping it has a flash. I know the iPod touch camera has a flash. My android phone camera also has a flash. And with the iPod touch and my android phone in my pocket I can get rid of a good number of apps on the android, and use more apps exclusively on the touch and give the phone a break. And if I want good braille access I can bluetooth the orbit reader to the touch and even use braille screen input if I wish. 


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