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I installed BRLTTY on android because I heard it has better accessibility than brailleback, and they are right. It does. BRLTTY autodetected the orbit reader. And it supports Japanese.

I hav some issues.

1. I cannot change the braille table to UEB grade2. When I select it, nothing changes.

2. for BRLTTY?

I try typing and it says wrong3. d selected. I went into languages and input, changed it to brltty keyboard and still when I try typing my phone berd and still when I try typing my phone beeps and I get an wrong input error on the display.

Can you please document how to use BRLTTY for android?

I also tried using BRLTTY with NVDA in windows 10 32bit. I chose autodetect, USB-bluetooth and hit OK. It also askd if I want to install some sort of drivers and I just said yes. I then chose BRLTTY under NVDA braille display and I get no braille output. BRLTTY will let me read Japanese braille if it is in the katakana alphabet. How do I fix this so I can get braille output from NVDA with brltty on orbit reader and also choose the right NVDA braille table from within NVDA itself and then how do I tell brltty to use its own table, like Japanese or ueb grade2?





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