Annoying Word issue with inserting horizontal lines



I'm having trouble inserting a horizontal line in a Word document. Using latest Office365, latest Windows10, and latest version of Jaws.

If I go through the Ribbons and use these keyboard shortcuts, Alt+HBZ, the horizontal line inserts with no problems. But, if I use the Quick Access shortcut I set up to do the exact same thing, a search pictures dialog box pops up and says this:

We can't connect to some of your picture sources right now. Please try again later. If this problem continues, you can try signing out of Office and signing back in

Well, I have signed out and then back in again. It did not fix the problem.

 It also gives me a search files option and a search Bing option.

What the heck is this, and more importantly, how do I get rid of it? Why is it activated only by my Quick Access Toolbar Horizontal Line shortcut, but not by going through the ribbons?

Thanks for any advice. This is very annoying.


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