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Just sending this again because for whatever reasons some words were moved without my being aware.

You can temporarily adjust the reading speed of your SAPI using JAWS by using either keystroke below.
Control+Alt+PageUp to increase the speed, and,

Control+Alt+PageDown to decrease the speed.

Another thing that the user can do to temporarily adjust their reading speed, is in say a long email or document, and after doing the read all command (insert+DownArrow), use the keys PageUp and PageDown to increase or decrease the speeds which will happen in realtime as so will the others.

I know that you were asking which way to permanently adjust your SAPI for JAWS, just for whatever reasons started it off with the ways to temporarily adjust one's reading speed. The way to permanently adjust this is use the keystroke anywhere and it will adjust it at 5% differences.
Control+Windows+Alt+PageUp to increase and,

Control+Windows+Alt+PageDown to decrease permanently.

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Please refresh my memory.

Where do I go to permanently increase the reading speed of Jaws?

Many, many Thanks!


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