Re: Using smart phone, but not using the touch screen

Pablo Morales

Hi guys,

I have found a device called Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer . According
with this company and many other sellers, this device is compatible with
voiceover. The price could be between $39 and $44. A little bit cheaper than
the Rivo2.
I ordered it. As soon I give it a try to this device, I will share my
impressions with all of you.
Thanks for all,

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Chief Monte, Rivo2 Bluetooth Keyboard for $299? Holy wow for real! Mind
buying two and I'll meet you at an unannounced border to grab one?

Honestly, I can't imagine paying $299 for a bluetooth keyboard. These toys
are all over the place, 9 out of 10 of them supporting Windows, iOS and
Android. Example, check out the iClever BK03 from Amazon. This is a
trifold pocket-size keyboard. I use one when I type long texts or when on a
bus here and there and trying to respond to a text. It's built-in battery
lasts for an eternity.

Chief, if we purchase this keyboard, we'll still have enough pennies for our
drive or flight to the unannounced border meeting point, and plenty for tea,
coffee, some beer and wine! Heck, we might even put together a big party at
that border place and invite all inhabitants to join in. Happy hunting, see
you on the flipside!

Denver, Colorado

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