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Don't forget, there is also ASR recorder. Its not that expensive, and
it have intigrated cloud storage, and if you don't need that, you
don't have to pay, and you can even let recordings come to your

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Hello Kerryn:

Audio recording in Android? Ok, get out those penny jars 'cause I intend
borrow any number of your pennies; spank me later when the borrowing is

There are too many to choose from; here are a few for a start:

1. Voice Recorder Pro
2. Easy Voice Recorder Pro
3. Amazing MP3 Recorder
4. HiQ MP3 Voice Recorder
5. Music Maker Jam
6. FL Studio Mobile
7. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Now and then, audio recording apps, including pro versions, are free; even
then, they are reasonably priced. So, dear sis, go ahead, grab one, or
them all from the Play Store and have lots of fun experimenting!

Denver, Colorado

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