Thoughts on Orbit 20

Joe Orozco


I got a chance to briefly look at the Orbit 20 at the NFB convention
last month. The product looked solid enough, but not having gotten the
opportunity to really put it through its paces, I still have a few
questions, even with the potential for a slight discount off the
regular price for convention attendees. Any help would be appreciated.

1. How well does the Bluetooth connectivity work between the Orbit and
iOS? I've only had experience using my iPhone with a U2 and found the
experience pleasant enough. Can I count on the Orbit giving a similar
stability? Are the commands generally the same?

2. I'm something of an ignorant snob and have pause about there being
no cursor routing keys. How easy have you found it to navigate to
specific points in a document for editing?

3. What do you not like about the Orbit?

4. In your opinion, is the product solid enough to buy now, or should
I hold out for a second generation?

Thanks guys for helping me make an informed purchase.



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