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Amy Gordon

Yes the manual inline and or they can email you the manual when you purchase.

On 8/8/19, Ann Parsons <> wrote:
Hi Abbie,

Sorry, the Smart Vision phones do not work on Verizon because they are
GSN phones, not CDMA. Verizon only works with CDMA. That's why I went
to Cricket. I'm saving money, though, and that's a good thing.

I downloaded the manual from the web site. I don't think it is on the
phone itself.

Yes, you can use your home network or any other if you want, but not
for phone calls. DATA includes web searches, maps and so on,
downloading files etc. It doesn't apply to phone calls or texts.

As for getting set up, I worked with the guys at Irie-AT, and they put
me on Team Viewer and were able to get me all set-up in a fraction of
the time it would have taken me.

Ann P.

Original message:
Ann, this sounds like a really neat phone. After reading your review,
I'm thinking about getting one, but I have some questions. I'm assuming
you're using Cricket as your phone carrier. I wonder if this device
would work with Verizon and how I would go about setting it up.
Does the manual come built into the phone or in hard copy print in the
I'm not familiar with smart phones, so I'm wondering if it's possible
to make calls from your home wireless network so you're not using up
data. I'd appreciate any answerers.

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