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Nancy Hill

Mike, I no longer have unwanted check marks.  Your instructions worked like a charm!



On 8/9/2019 9:37 PM, Mike B wrote:

Hi Nancy,
Try the following:
1. Press, Windows key + E, to open Computer / your list of drives.
2. Press, Alt + t, for tools then press the letter, O, for options.
3. Control + Tab to the, View page / tab, and tab to the Tree1 Tree view Files and Folders Opened 18 items.
4. Down arrow to, Use check boxes to select items, and make sure this is unchecked / OFF.
5. Now tab to, Okay, and press enter to save and close.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
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All, After getting my win7 laptop back from the shop, every Folder on
the desktop has a check mark after it.

How can I get rid of the check marks and have just the folder names?

Thanks in Advance,


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