Re: Jaws 16

Brian K. Lingard

Dear Nancy & List:
If you want to make the change to the speaking rate of JAWS always, press jawskey plus "j" release, press "h" for the Jaws Help Menu and release, then "z" for the startup Wizard.

To make the change just for a program, run the program and I guess go to the Jaws Settings Center.

Make your changes.
Sade your changes.

This way, you may have Jaws speak faster when reading text documents, or slower, when reading spreadsheets.
Brian K. Lingard

From: <> On Behalf of Nancy Hill
Sent: Tuesday, August 6, 2019 11:33 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] Jaws 16

Please refresh my memory.

Where do I go to permanently increase the reading speed of Jaws?

Many, many Thanks!


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