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Joe, the Orbit 20 doesn't have any onboard translation software. What you put in is what you get. The Orbit can read text and braille files. I don't think it can read Word files. You have to put a Word file through Send-to-braille or Braille Blaster to convert it.

Part of the reason it is good for kids or for people learning braille is that you can type in what used to be called grade 1-1/2 and it will display it, just as you've typed it. This allows a user to write using the contractions he or she has learned and not worry about having the rest of your written material translated.

Bottom line, you have to translate files into text or into braille before displaying them on the Orbit.

Ann P.

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Question about file translation. I don't understand. Are you saying
that in order for me to read files on the Orbit, I would first have to
send them through translation software? Does the Orbit support any
kind of file format? When you initiate a file in the Orbit, what
format will it save these to on the SD card? Thanks guys. I really
appreciate your help in making an informed purchase.

On 8/9/19, Josh Kennedy <> wrote:
using the orbit's note taker feature is like writing with a perkins
brailler. you can write whatever braille code you want because the orbit has
no braille translator. to get files onto the orbit, or to back-translate
files, use these two free braille translators. ( )

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