Unlocking Braille Sense U2

Joe Orozco


I've got an interesting issue with my Braille Sense U2. None of the
keys will work. The device is not locked; I've checked to make sure
all keys are unlocked. I can turn the unit on. After the Power On
message, it will show me the File Manager item on the main menu. None
of the typing keys will work. If I use the Down scroll key, it will
toggle between 6 and 8 dot mode. I thought it might be in one handed
mode, but I've turned on the unit holding down the F4 key, and this
has not changed anything. I've tried resetting the unit. That also has
not helped. I only know how to reset the unit using the reset button
in the back of the device. If there's a more definitive means of
resetting to factory default, I don't know how to do this. I've called
HIMS, but there's no telling when they'll get back to me. Any guidance
on this would be very much appreciated.


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