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Walter Ramage

Hi.  Thanks to all concerning a start up sound and I now have it working.  I would like a shut down sound and the instructions provided in the article are a bit beyond my abilities but my computer guy might be able to get it done for me but in the scheme of things it isn't critical but would be helpful.  When I followed the instructions for the start up sound and then went to restart, I got the option to update and shut down or update and restart, this is the item I chose.  There was a lengthy period of silence then Jaws kept repeating that I shouldn't shut down my computer and that Windows updates were being configured and a progress report.  Once it reached 100 percent there was another period of silence then the start up sound.  If after a reasonable period of time the start sound doesn't play or Jaws doesn't kick in then I can assume there is a problem.  So as much as a shut down sound would be convenient, it isn't critical and I can get what information I need when and if the start up sound plays.  Thanks Guys & Gals, I appreciate the help but I really think I'll be back with some more in due course.  Walter.


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About a shutdown sound, what's this about a Registry hack? I'd be into trying it. It can always be undone.


And even if there *is* a shutdown sound, it still takes a few more seconds thereafter for the computer to actually turn off, during which time any sort of bad thing can happen along the way. Therefore, you're never really 100% sure the machine is off unless you can tell the screen's gone to black and the system has stopped drawing power. I miss the old days where you could definitely hear, and  sometimes even feel, a mechanical click as something inside the machine turned off.


On 8/16/2019 2:05 PM, Gerald Levy via Groups.Io wrote:


You can enable a start up sound in Windows 10 by accessing the Speaker icon in the system tray, selecting the Sounds option, and checking the box for start up sound, like in Windows 7.?? But as has been widely discussed on this list and elsewhere, there is no shutdown sound, which is a major nuisance, nor is there any easy or reliable means of setting one without hacking the registry.?? The only way to tell for sure that your Windows 10 computer has completely shut down is to feel the case to determine whether the internal cooling fan has stopped running, or else press the eject button for the DVD tray, which will not slide open if the power is off.





On 8/16/2019 1:07 PM, Walter Ramage via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi all.?? This afternoon I had my PC reinstalled with Win10.?? This wasn't by choice, I was kinda forced into it by circumstances beyond my control but it had to be done at some point anyway.


Fortunately I have two other Win7 computers and I am writing this on one of those so it isn't a matter of sink or swim.?? However I am now on a Win10 learning curve and as time goes by I will surely have lots of questions.


The first question I have on my Win10 journey is; Can start-up and shutdown jingles be enabled or installed on Win10??? If not then that's the end of the matter but if so, where do I enable them or find them to install them?


A start up and shutdown Jingle would be very helpful.?? When shutting down then that's fine, the computer shuts down but when starting the computer or doing a restart is when a jingle would be most helpful and reassuring that all is well.???? Hope you can answer my question.?? With thanks.?? Walter.



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